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  • Present to executive leaders, business partners and organizational teammates to help communicate design vision and company goals. 

  • Peer with leadership for Product, Development, and Business to evangelize design vision and goals.  

  • Led cross-portfolio, multi-disciplinary guild of team members who all contribute to the evolution of the system. 

  • Led design thinking sessions to help establish companies design platform and functional goals.

  • Create processes to help communicate and incorporate Experience Design into the development Agile life cycle. 

  • Acted as the Experience Design Director for Agile release trains.

  • Manage and prioritize the backlogs and roadmaps of system components and features in relation to user experience deliverables.  

  • Built Experience Design teams.

  • Create project scopes and estimates for team role resource budgets and area growth funding along with org charts and budgeting documentation for funding negotiations.

  • Established vendor relationships for interviewing processes.

  • Created interviewing processes to onboard FTE’s and contractors.

  • Created job descriptions for XD roles.

  • Interviewed and hired UX/UI designers.

  • Manage and mentor Experience Design teams (UX|UI Designers and Design Leaders) and establish growth paths for team members.

  • Managed team including UX/UI Managers, UX|UI Principals, Senior UX Designers/ UX Designers, Senior UI Designers/UI Designers, UX Researchers,  and Content Strategist.

  • Mid-year and yearly reviews and team bonus calibrations with leadership

  • Manage all work assigned to UX | UI | UXR | CS team members.

  • Organize and established processes for UX/UI integration into Safe Agile scrum teams.

  • Assigned task and deadlines for UX/UI team(s).

  • Work with cross functional project leadership to scale and scope Experience Design projects (Mobile App to Responsive Web).

  • Established UX research plans for various project objectives.

  • Manage assigned UX Researchers for various project user testing exercises.

  • Managed Experience Design reviews and feedback for all team project work.

  • Partner with Business Owners, Product Owners, Dev Leads, and Dev Architects to define the scope and timing of implementation.

  • Established and organized Experience Design teamwork flow processes.

  • Drove decision-making on system standards and exceptions.

  • Direct and managed design solution teams for mobile apps (iOS and Android) and responsive web (desktop, tablet and mobile).

  • Assigned as Accessibility Lead for Commercial Experience Design.

  • Ensured all designed products being produced are reviewed and deemed ADA compliant. 

  • Represented as the Experience Design Lead/liaison for the Design System team for mobile app and web responsive products.

  • Established and enforce branding guidelines.

  • Partner with Business Owners, Product Owners/Dev Leads/ Dev Architects to define the scope and timing of implementation.

  • Drove client first experience design and enforced digital style guidelines and ADA Compliance guidelines for all projects.


Design team support, hands on experience, and created artifacts.

  • PowerPoint presentations for leadership and team meetings.

  • Miro board competitive analysis and UI inspiration boards for supporting functional goals.

  • Miro board Design Thinking sessions artifacts for facilitating working sessions.

  • User flows and journey maps to establish full project visions.

  • Wireframe flows artifacts for various projects.

  • Click paths and prototypes for various projects.

  • Prototypes for user research.

  • Style guide creation

  • Visual UI design studies

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